Various projects

Out of place



Being put into an archival box, the photos look similar to the objects found on the shelves of history museums. In a way they are small museums themselves – the museums of neglected national identity… [Read more]


Dainas reimagined



Dainas Reimagined is a collective project between Natasha Vikulina and Eugene Sysoev, that
 was specifically done for the exhibition Riga Poetry Map. In the origin of Latvian poetry lay the folk songs. This project takes its roots in the folk songs as well. Fragmented, refracted through the prisms of different languages and cut out of their habitual environment, they are forced to form new meanings and new poetical substances.

City as a Palimpsest



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The best view on this city

riga whole_m

This video is featuring an artwork by Nata Vikulina. As the camera slowly pans through the aerial view of Riga you can hear the sounds of the city – people’s talks, the sound of the cars passing by, the sound of the rain on the pavement…

From Lenin to Christmas tree


lenin-ekla chopped coloured3


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The Sonnet



Tribute to Bacon




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